Case Study

Woocommerce Conversion Tracking Case Study

How we increased conversion tracking to measure the full user-journey

About The Client

Rossano Ferretti is a luxury haircare eCommerce brand. Headquartered in the UK, it operates in the Italian, Spanish, US, Canadian, and European markets as well.Their eCommerce is multilingual and runs on WordPress, WooCommerce.


The client was facing issues with conversion tracking across the full funnel, due to the complex nature of their multi-country WooCoommerce store. The incorrect tracking setup was having a direct negative impact on advertising campaign performance: the algorithms of the ad platforms didn’t receive enough data to optimize campaigns well.

They were using a plugin in combination with Google Tag Manager (GTM) to track events, but the events were only being correctly tracked in the UK. In the US, for example, there were more “begin_checkout” events being tracked than “add_to_cart” events – this should be the other way around.

After a round of thorough debugging, we found that the multilingual aspect was causing issues with the plugin’s functionality. Having 6 language versions meant that there was only one version of the site properly working (the UK version).

Tracking issues not only impact the ability to report performance, but also campaign performance itself. It’s imperative to resolve tracking issues as soon as possible, so we got to work!


The tracking issue was successfully resolved by replacing the plugin’s automated tracking code with a customized data layer implementation.

This involved identifying and classifying all website conversions and translating them into a clear measurement framework.

Detailed instructions were provided to the developers including information on the precise tracking locations, the necessary code, and methods for implementing these conversions. To ensure precision, a thorough review of the developers’ work was conducted following the implementation of the provided code.

Once the code was correctly implemented, we started with creating all the tags, triggers, and variables. This enabled us to fix the following:
-Google Analytics 4 Tracking
-Google Ads Tracking
-Microsoft Advertising Tracking
-Meta Ads Tracking

While creating the tags, we also avoided duplicate transaction tracking by filtering out users that came back to the thank-you page later, through a custom-made blocking trigger.


After implementation we went from 26%, to 100% of conversion events being correctly tracked, and we resolved all multi-language related conversion issues. For example, the add_to_cart event saw a +391% lift in conversions being tracked, allowing us to use this conversion more efficiently in the Meta Ads campaign – resulting in an immediate increase in campaign performance.


WEB ANALYTICS: Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Meta Ads, Microsoft Advertising

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