About Us

We are Midsummer

The Brightest Agency of the Universe 🌞


We’re here to support international companies to rise and shine by fusing their unique energy with bright ideas, powering up their performance marketing strategies through personalised solutions.

 Why Midsummer?

21st June 2019, summer solstice, at 5:54 pm CEST,
a new performance marketing team was born on the beautiful Italian island of Sardinia.

Midsummer was founded by Micky, (aka the tallest man in marketing) rumoured to have vertical advantage due to his positive relationship with sunshine. The name Midsummer, honours the longest and brightest day of the year and the powerful source of energy our work has been absorbing ever since.

Our Values

They illuminate our path, ensuring every step we take is in harmony with integrity, innovation, and commitment


The perfect fit

We work internationally, empowering individuals and their projects to be brilliant. We offer a personalised service because specific problems can only be resolved with specific solutions.


See the bigger picture

The web changes minute by minute and so do the people using it so we experiment often, share our ideas, enthusiasm and skills. None of us is as bright as all of us.


Work with people

We believe that work and lifestyle are not only compatible, but synonymous. Ensuring emotional and physical well-being has a key role to play in the success of our clients, colleagues and our businesses. What makes us shine is what makes us human.

We envision a world where our uniqueness is our superpower, where bright ideas energise business & cultivate happy working ecosystems.

Ready to put your sunglasses on? 😎

Leverage bright ideas & insights so you can get beaming results.