Passionately curious kids with decades of combined experience

Chiara Ciarrapico

Senior PPC Manager

100% made in Abruzzo, Chiara grew up in Viterbo and studied in Rome, Alicante, and Los Angeles.

Chiara chose to begin her journey in advertising after being fascinated by the MadMan series. Then she got her first job in digital marketing, and the rest is history.

She loves all things digital, impromptu trips, but most of all good food and good wine.

When she’s not working, you can find her upside down in the acrobatic hammock and aerial hoop, behind the kitchen counter, experimenting with new products and recipes, or hosting a dinner party for family and friends.

Side business: Alimentipedia
Favorite beach: Calata del Turchino
Background music: John Mayer | Arctic Monkeys | Vance Joy
Quote: “Life is too short to eat bad food”

Alessandro G. Matta

PPC Specialist

Ale (as he likes to be called) was born in Cagliari and lived most of his life in the city. Although he lived 4 years in the beautiful Krakòw, where he randomly stumbled upon digital marketing.

He’s crazily in love with football, but he also adores video games, food (cooking or eating, it doesn’t matter) and collecting football jerseys, car diecasts, perfumes and action figures.

He has lots of goals which include his growth as a professional figure in Digital Marketing, traveling more and visiting Japan, Korea and the US in particular, to become fit again to be able to have a comeback as a footballer (obviously as an amateur) and lots of other stuff!

Before joining Midsummer he attended a 6 month course in Digital Marketing Technology which finally gave him the possibility to learn more about an area that was always so interesting to him.

Favorite video game: Mass Effect 1,2,3
Background music: Skyrim ambient music to study and work, Charlie Puth for everything else
Quote: “SIC PARVIS MAGNA – Greatness from small beginnings”

Francesco Motzo

PPC Specialist

Francesco was born and raised in a village in the Mount Montiferru area, and grew up surrounded by greenery, trees, animals, and scents. He spent three years in the sunny city of Cagliari and two years in Tuscany, in the city of Siena, not too far from the hills and the vineyards.

His love for nature is second only to his passion for technology, where he has always found a way to express himself, finding his comfort zone in digital communication and advertising.

Lover of fantasy tales and e-sports, he believes that a more gamified world can foster greater motivation and enthusiasm in people.

During his free time, you’ll probably find Francesco petting his cats, going for walks by the sea with friends, or reading manga.

Favorite beach: Putzu Idu
Background music: Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, SIA, Sigala
Quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” – Tim Notke

Lara Oberdank

PPC Specialist

Meet Lara, the linguistic acrobat, effortlessly switching between Italian and Slovenian at home, adding a dash of fluency in English and Spanish for good measure.

Beyond her linguistic talents, Lara is a spiritual creature, seamlessly transitioning from yoga poses to meditation sessions with a zen-like grace.

Since childhood, Lara’s heart has belonged to the slopes. Skiing is not just a sport for her; it’s a lifelong love affair. When she’s not gliding through the snow, she’s revelling in outdoor activities, especially those that involve communing with nature.

Her academic journey reads like a travelogue – starting in Slovenia, Lara embarked on Erasmus+ adventures in Spain and France, turning classrooms into cultural canvases. In her last Erasmus twist, Lara discovered a hidden talent – managing PPC campaigns.

Favorite beach: Ses Illetes
Background music: Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, Queen, Bad Bunny
Quote: “What we do is more important than what we say or what we say we believe” – Bell Hooks

Chelsea Newman

PPC & CRO Specialist

Chelsea was born in the Big Apple, grew up in London and New Jersey, studied in Boston, and finally ended up in Naples, Italy.

Chelsea discovered the digital world in high school through graphic design, and hasn’t stopped exploring the vast world of marketing since.

Loves cooking, houseplants, and funny cat videos. Hates the question “Where are you from?”

When there’s a day off you can find Chelsea hiking along the coast, hanging out with friends at the beach, or playing World of Warcraft.

Side business: Writing about Naples for Devour Tours
Favorite beach: Baia di Ieranto
Background music: Nu funk or classical piano
Quote: “Revolution is not a one-time event” – Audre Lorde

Marouscha Dorenbos

Analytics & CRO Director

Born in the Netherlands, raised in the typical Dutch clogs. Marouscha is a wanderer who settled for Italy shortly after living in Malaysia & South Africa. Pizza, amazing people, abundant sun & being close(r) to home: she fell in love with Italy!

In 2015 she first got in touch with Google Analytics for her thesis in Malaysia, after which her love for metrics, data & analysis grew exponentially. From learning SQL to Python, to discover the depths of Data Analysis, you could say she’s a bit nerdy.

During her days off, she loves to drive her motorcycle through the vast Italian mountains, read, and do sports.

Favorite beach: Mawun Beach
Background music: Gone Gone Beyond, Eefje de Visser.
Quote: “Cerca sempre di fare quello che ami. Quando proprio non puoi, cerca di amare quello che fai.”

Mark Morgan

PPC & SEO Manager

Mark is Ukrainian but was adopted by the power of the Sardinian sun. This dreamer since childhood made his first steps online thanks to the first real metaverse (Habbo).

A long-time lover of logic and strategy, Mark became interested in digital marketing and data during his bachelor’s degree. He is currently based in Cagliari but dreams of working while traveling the world.

Mark is passionate about aesthetic places with architectural harmony or sought-after interior design, where he can study, work, read books or hang out with friends.

Favorite beach: Punta Molentis
Background music: House and Hip-Hop.
Quote: “Hope is not a strategy.”

Chiara Piras

PPC Manager

A pro Stumbler since 2000, Chiara is a Nintendo-lover and a TV series addict.

Her passion for everything related to data was born in the August of 2019 when she was welcomed with open arms by cold North Europe, thanks to the Erasmus+ program. After that, she discovered her passion for digital marketing and graduated in Business and Administration.

Currently based in South Sardinia, some of her interests are photography, sustainable innovation, and keeping up to date with the breaking news.

Favorite beach: Tuerredda
Background music: Lady Gaga, Queen, System of a Down, and Indie music.
Quote: “Stay hungry, stay foolish but data-driven”

luigi agrillo

Luigi Agrillo

PPC Manager

Luigi is a Neapolitan in love with two things: good food (it’s not hard to guess what his favorite food…yes, of course it’s Pizza!) and the sea (he was a swimmer but didn’t make it to professional).

After studying economics in high school, communication at university, and attending a radio academy, he decided to move to Edinburgh, where he became a chef.

But that path wasn’t in Luigi’s vision of life. So, he came back to Italy and started studying digital marketing! Currently, he’s planning to move to Sardinia to be closer to the beautiful beaches.

Favorite beach: Cala Luna
Background music: The Notorious B.I.G., Queen, Bob Marley, Pino Daniele
Quote: “Sky is the limit.”

Andrea Pala

Senior Marketing Manager

Online since the age of 10, Andrea received his first PC with 56 Kb/s connection. He loves to travel around Europe with his small van, “Vanni” when he is not surfing the web.

After graduation in business management, he moved to the Netherlands, then to Estonia, where he met the love of his life: “Ponchu” a black and white Estonian hound.

Andrea is currently based in his home town Cagliari, where the shining sun and delicious food boost his vivid imagination. He constantly attempts to connect the dots between digital, marketing, business, and increasing his internet speed.

Side business: Dolce Italy
Favorite beach: La Bobba (Carloforte)
Background music: Fabrizio De Andrè
Quote: Nothing is born from diamonds; flowers are born from manure.”

Dario Meneghini

Senior PPC Manager

Dario is a Venetian nomad in love with data and nature.

For a short time, he lived in London, where he realized his place was much further south.

So he moved to Spain for about 11 years, where his passion for PPC and the sea exploded.

For this reason, returning to Italy, Sardinia seemed the best bet for Dario. After a virtual meeting with Micky, all doubt was blown away.

Side business: Online Marketing Consultant, WP Implementer
Background music: Jethro Tull, The Strokes, Kruder & Dorfmeister.
Quote: “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Favorite beach: Cala Luna

Fabio Ghisu

Senior PPC Manager

A former comic shop owner, Fabio decided to change careers when he discovered his superpower: absorbing the power of the Sardinian sun to transform data into PPC strategies.

Fabio’s interests include metal music, comics, books, and cats (often sidekicks during his adventures).

Kryptonite: olives (don’t tell Francesca)
Favorite beach / lair: Plagemesu
Background music: Hurdy Gurdy things
Quote: “Look, up in the sky! It’s a bird… It’s a plane… It’s ROAS!

Francesca Vacca

Business Development Coordinator

Since Francesca was a kid, she studied the best ways to travel around the world. She discovered PPC was the best choice, and from that point, the BackRub started its growth. Coincidence? We don’t think so!

Francesca has been found working from England, Spain, Sweden, Asia, Ireland, and Central America. The Atlas was her favorite book.
Fascinated about good food, she returned to Sardinia to produce her own olive oil with more than 1000 trees. 

Side business: EVO Oil producer
Favorite beach: Masua
Background music: Metallica
Quote: “Live and let live!”

Valentinas Buzas

PPC Director

Valentinas is a made-in-Lithuania digital addict and out-of-the-box thinker, fluent in 3 different languages.

He started working on his first digital project when he was just 10 years old. He still has different profitable digital projects from those times to be proud of!

Valentinas moved to Italy when he was just 14 without knowing a single word in Italian.

Two weeks later, he was already attending high school, and, obviously, his classmates were his Italian teachers… Just don’t ask him the words his classmates taught him.

Side business: Webmaster, Digital Consultant, Affiliate Marketing
Favorite beach: Cala de S’Ilixi
Background music: KISS/Scorpions
Quote: “The quieter you become the more you are able to hear”

Micky Mereu

Founder & Managing Director

One of the tallest digital marketers in the world (self-declared), Micky has been a PPC acrobat since 2009.

He loves free-diving and all types of fishing, even though the fishes hate him. He is severely allergic!
Micky despises wastes of time, energy, money, food, water, you name it.

Having lived and worked in Belgium, China, and the UK, he eventually repatriated back to Sardinia to be closer to mum’s Panada and to establish Midsummer.

Side business: Joynery
Favorite beach: Santa Margherita di Pula
Background music: Fatboy Slim
Quote: “The less you talk, the more you say”

Future Midsummer Dreamer

Must be:

– Obsessed with everything digital marketing and technology

– Analytically strong and a lover of numbers, data, trends, and the little details

– Honest, friendly, transparent, and down-to-earth dreamer (is this even possible?)

– Fast-thinking and a self-starter, treating clients as if they were family

– Eager to explore new technologies, testing and automating as much as you can

– Ambitious, never-ending learner, striving for continuous improvement and personal growth