We’re always looking for brilliant people to join our growing team


⚡Happiness-centric management

We place the happiness and well-being of employees at the forefront of our business, because we believe a cheerful team is one of the magic ingredients for success – and yes, that might include a Friday half day off all year around.

⚡ International clients

We work with a diverse range of businesses from around the globe – so you can travel for work from the comfort of your home!

⚡International environment

Our workplace is characterized by a diversity of cultures, languages, and global perspectives. We’ve got 5 different passports in our collection, and we’re on a hunt for the next one. Where will you take us next?

⚡Young and experienced team

We’re fresh-faced but highly skilled. Our youthful energy plus our combined years of experience create a powerful professional team!

⚡Transparent working environment

whether we’re discussing project updates or debating the best new team-building activities, we make sure everyone’s always in the know and feels comfortable giving their input.


Ample opportunities for professional growth, along with
a comprehensive benefits package that prioritizes your well-being and work-life balance
Half-day Fridays (afternoons Off)
Work From Anywhere
€1000/year Training & Coworking Budget
Birthday & Anniversary Days Off
Team Building Activities
Employee Welfare Program


Obsessed with everything digital marketing and technology

Analytically strong and a lover of numbers, data, trends, and the little details

Honest, friendly, transparent, and a down-to-earth dreamer (is this even possible?)

Fast-thinking and self-starter, treating clients as if they were friends

Eager to explore new technologies, testing and automating as much as you can

Ambitious, never-ending learner, striving for continuous improvement and personal growth

Ready to put your sunglasses on? 😎

Join us and elevate your digital marketing career to new heights!

Our World Wide Office

With our work-from-anywhere approach, every coffee shop, mountain,
or beach with a wi-fi connection could be your next office.
Where in the world will you log in from today?


Get inspired by the faces that make our vision a reality

We can’t wait to hear from you! 😎

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