Case Study

Video Brand Awareness for Real Estate Case Study

How we managed to increase website sessions by 72% through dedicated awareness campaigns in Meta and YouTube

About The Client

Abitare Agency, a real estate company based in Milan, specializes in managing and selling new properties. Their catalog boasts high-tech, environmentally friendly housing units.


Abitare Agency sought to bolster its organic awareness efforts with captivating creatives and campaigns. The goal? To ramp up website traffic and establish itself as a real estate company with a fresh, distinctive voice.

To tackle this challenge, they teamed up with Naked Panda, a creative content agency renowned for its unconventional, standout videos.

However, navigating the restrictive targeting landscape of Google and Meta for the housing industry posed a significant hurdle, limiting optimization possibilities for reaching desired audiences.


Tasked with leveraging existing content, our primary objective was to showcase Abitare Agency’s uniqueness and services, focusing our efforts on engaging and expanding reach among the target audience most crucial to the client’s business, particularly those in and around Milan. We devised a two-pronged strategy:

Google: Focused on showcasing the hero video in prime YouTube placements.

Meta (Instagram and Facebook): Emphasized engagement and brand recognition.

Constantly experimenting with different angles, hooks, and creatives, we refreshed the message while consistently delivering the expected results within the agreed-upon budget.


Our paid endeavors spurred engagement across platforms, resulting in a 72% growth in website visits. Notably, costs remained within expectations, achieving:

Meta: €0.01 per ThruPlay, totaling over 125K+ ThruPlay views (where videos are played to completion if shorter than 15 seconds, or at least 15 seconds if longer)

Meta: 13,100+ Ad Recall Lifts (users recognizing the brand post-ad viewing).

YouTube: €0.004 per view.


PPC MANAGEMENT: YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads.

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