Case Study

Tracking Pixels for Event Marketing Case Study

How we elevated CogX Festival’s Event Marketing through a precise pixel tracking set-up, by testing via Google Tag Manager the event ticketing platforms: Eventbrite, Stova, Tito, InEvent.

About The Client

CogX is a major London-based host of an annual AI and Transformational Tech Festival, which gets over 90.000 visitors during their three-day summit in the London O2 Arena. They use Wix as content management platform.


The event tracking platform that they were using at the time, Eventbrite, was putting out unreliable data. The primary goal of the client was therefore to find an event ticketing platform that met their business needs, but that also allowed them to track marketing and advertising efforts.

A major challenge with ticketing platforms arises from ticket sales happening on embedded iframes. An iframe contains another website, such as eventbrite, making it seem as if the user never leaves the website while buying a ticket. However, unless you are the owner of the website in your iframe, you often won’t be able to set up tracking.

A lot of ticketing platforms provide integration options that connect to third party platforms such as Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics 4, but they often don’t work very well. The client needed support to find the best possible event ticketing platform which allowed them to accurately measure results.


Together with the client we identified 4 major event ticketing platforms to test thoroughly, by leveraging Google Tag Manager capabilities. We needed to understand whether the tracking pixels of these platforms could: A) track the events for the different advertising platforms that the client wanted to use, and B) whether it could provide the client with accurate data, to fine-tune their budgets and marketing strategy for the event.

We set up and tested the tracking pixels for the following event ticketing platforms: Eventbrite, Stova, Tito, and InEvent. Where possible, we set up pixels for Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, and TikTok Ads, which were the advertising platforms the client was interested in together with Google Tag Manager.

Thanks to our support the client decided to use InEvent, which suited both their tracking needs as well as their business needs. Finally, on their live site, the client implemented InEvent and we made sure that event tracking was set up correctly.


With our expertise, we elevated the initial tracking accuracy of purchases from a mere 1% before the integration effort, to an impressive 87% precision. We played an important role in guiding the client towards selecting an event ticketing platform tailored to their business requirements. The substantial leap in purchase tracking accuracy, shifting from 1% to 87%, demonstrated the effectiveness of our chosen strategy. This enabled them to make informed decisions and optimize their campaigns based on data.


WEB ANALYTICS: Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Ads, Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, TikTok Ads.

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