Case Study

SaaS Lead Generation Case Study

How we managed to generate higher quality leads that convert into sales with Google Ads and Hubspot CRM

About The Client

The client is a software company focused on taking the hassle out of managing purchasing at small and medium businesses. They serve clients globally, with a team spread across Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Africa.


The main goal was to understand whether Google Ads was the right advertising platform for their business but to do that, they had to overcome multiple challenges. One of the challenges was high competition, which led to costly traffic. There were also gaps in their conversion tracking, which made it difficult to accurately assess the effectiveness of advertising efforts and understand lead quality. In addition, the search volume for their product was relatively low, which made it challenging to attract potential customers.


To address the challenges the client was facing, we first implemented Hubspot CRM. This helped us understand which campaigns were effective and which not, and also allowed us to track the lifecycle of each lead. Even if a lead did not become a paying customer until six months later, we could see the connection and attribute it to the campaign that generated the lead.

Additionally, we reorganized our Google Ads campaigns and changed our approach to managing them. Instead of optimizing ads for the machine and maximizing the relevance between keywords and ads, we launched new, pre-qualifying ads optimized for the product.

These ads clearly outlined the main benefits and unique selling points of the product and allowed us to target broader keywords. If a user was not specifically looking for the product, they were less likely to click on the ad, which helped us focus our efforts on more qualified leads and save some budget.


We generated 106 leads in total; 11 of them were sales-qualified leads, and 4 leads were converted into paying customers, bringing four-digit monthly recurring revenue. The use of Hubspot CRM helped us monitor both the performance of our campaigns and the quality of our leads. Additionally, our implementation of an ads pre-qualification approach greatly enhanced the quality of our leads.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Google Ads, Search, Microsoft Ads
WEB ANALYTICS: Hubspot integration support

We worked very well together, and I hope we’ll continue working in the future.

Sergio – Product Marketing

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