Eyewear advertising for fashion eCommerce


How we increased ROAS by 250% in just 6 months through an in-depth Google Ads audit and strategic account restructure.


The client is a US fashion eCommerce brand in the eyewear industry that combines celebrity design with style, high quality, and affordable prices. Operating on the Shopify Plus platform, they allocate over $40,000 monthly in Google Ads to target both the American and Canadian markets. Their catalog is complex, featuring 900 different products across 8 main categories.


The primary goal was straightforward yet crucial: to boost sales while elevating the existing Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) from its current benchmark of 1.5. All this was to be accomplished within the constraints of a $40,000 monthly budget.


1) Deep account audit
We conducted an exhaustive audit of the client’s Google Ads account, identifying various opportunities for improvement, which we categorized as follows:

High-Impact Opportunities or Quick Wins
Example: Unsegmented Shopping Campaigns > A single shopping campaign targeting all products.
Opportunity: By strategically segmenting campaigns based on criteria such as branded vs. non-branded queries, product type, eyeglass shape, and gender, we could significantly enhance both efficiency and revenue.

Mid-Impact Opportunities or Long-Term Actions
Example: Limited Audience Lists > Only one remarketing campaign was in place, focusing solely on ‘Initiate Checkout’ and ‘Add to Cart’ actions. This excluded segments like product viewers, generic users, and past purchasers. Opportunity: By incorporating these overlooked audience segments, we aimed to augment sales and conversions across all funnel stages.

Daily Optimization Actions
Example: Inconsistent Ad Relevance in Location Targeting > Over the past 90 days, the CPA (Cost per Acquisition) for ‘People who have shown interest in your targeted locations’ was $90, while for ‘People in your targeted locations,’ it was $17.
Opportunity: By ceasing to target the less efficient ‘locations of interest,’ we could allocate the budget more effectively, thus reducing waste. Through these targeted actions, we aimed to boost both the performance and efficiency of the account.

Long-Term Strategy Implementation
We restructured the account using our Data-Driven approach across the full acquisition funnel:
Segmented Shopping Campaigns and Feed Optimization: We integrated Google Merchant Center with DataFeedWatch (third-party feed management tool). This enabled us to fine-tune product titles by adding key eyewear attributes like color, shape, and lens type. We then segmented the shopping campaigns according to these eyewear features, which allowed for bid management tailored to seasonal trends—such as promoting blue-light glasses during the back-to-school season or emphasizing sunglasses during summer.
Brand and generic search campaigns
Dynamic retargeting campaigns that targeted various audience segments: those who viewed products, general users, past customers, as well as those who initiated checkout or added items to their carts.
Bing Ads Platform Expansion


After we began managing the account, there was a remarkable uptick in performance while keeping the investment constant. We strategically eliminated underperforming segments and refocused our efforts on areas that demonstrated high returns. The result was a staggering 247.41% increase in ROAS in six months.

Some real data
Initial investments: $47,996.64 and ROAS $1.35
After 3 months: $19,468 in Ad spend and ROAS $3.88
After 6 months $40K in Ad spend and ROAS $4.68


PPC MANAGEMENT: Google Shopping, Product Feed Management, Search, Microsoft Ads, YouTube Ads, Expand to New Countries



100% increase in conversion rate for a lifestyle fashion eCommerce.


230% increase in revenue for a fashion eCommerce.