Case Study

Multi-country Haircare eCommerce Case Study

How we doubled revenue in 30 days through a full-funnel strategy on Google Ads and Facebook Ads in three different markets.

About The Client

Rossano Ferretti is a luxury haircare eCommerce brand based in the UK, also operating in the Italian and US markets. Well-known for its luxury hair salons and the revolutionary cutting method, it now brings salon-quality products to its customers’ houses.


Rossano Ferretti’s main goal was to improve general digital advertising performance and increase overall revenue, quickly preparing the account for the upcoming holiday season and maximizing other marketing activities (PR, organic social activity, and more). In particular, each market needed a different approach since:

– Italy: it needed a complete restart since campaigns were not running anymore due to poor performance
– US: general revenue performance was decreasing, and we needed to reverse the trend
– UK: performance was good, so we aimed to preserve the positive trend


The first step of our strategy included the countries’ segmentation into different accounts based on the client’s business goals and needs.

Through our proven methodology, we have then implemented an account restructure to immediately drive results and sales, reinforcing the current lower funnel activity keeping what was working and improving was not delivering sales. In particular, we launched custom search and performance max campaigns.

The data collected during the first month were useful for expanding the accounts with more full-funnel activities through Meta channels (Facebook and Instagram) and Google properties, according to each country’s needs.

During all the abovementioned steps, we also created new ads (both evergreen and promotional) to deliver the correct message to each different buyer persona; the users’ segmentation was based on the funnel steps, so we implemented the following:

– Ads targeting the awareness step;
– Ads targeting the acquisition phase;
– Ads targeting the remarketing stage.


After the first 30 days of our management, the overall performance of the website increased by 116% in revenue, more than doubling the previous month’s performance, with an 84% increase YoY.

In addition, the client also had better performance in:

– the number of orders, increased by 92%;
– the average order value, higher by 12%;
– the number of new customers, which grew by 78%.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Search, Google Shopping, Performance Max, Display, Retargeting, Product Feed Management

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