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Home & Garden Decor Ecommerce – PPC & WhatConverts Case Study

How we generated +$18 Million in Revenue with a yearly investment of more than $2 Million for a Luxury Home Decor e-commerce leveraging a multi-channel advertising strategy and advanced data analysis

About The Client

The client is one of the largest Home & Garden Decor e-commerce brands that operates in the US market, investing more than $2 million a year in Google and Bing Ads with the largest in-stock selection in the Country. A fully custom Magento solution is the technology adopted as their e-commerce platform, enabling efficient management of a significant number of orders, along with a vast array of products rich in attributes and customization options.


We have faced four main challenges:

1. The client operates with a diversified business model, which presented us with the primary challenge of effectively handling both e-commerce sales and phone leads/sales concurrently.

Their objectives included boosting e-commerce sales while increasing inbound phone calls – given that a substantial portion of their revenue was derived from leads.

The challenge became more complex because we had to find the perfect equilibrium between e-commerce sales and phone leads, while also pinpointing the specific campaigns that generated phone calls and devising strategies to increase their frequency.

2. Furthermore, managing the largest in-stock selection in the country entailed overseeing numerous products and brands posed an even greater challenge due to the absence of a shopping feed. This absence made the challenge even more difficult to manage.

3. Sales are subject to seasonal fluctuations. Consequently, we needed to determine the most effective strategy to increase sales during the low season.

4. Lastly, it’s worth noting that the client’s call center remained closed on weekends. We decided to allocate a larger portion of the budget for weekdays, as we observed reduced website traffic and sales during the weekends.


We strategically tailored Solutions for each Challenge that we have faced:

1. To enhance budget allocation and transaction growth in high-performing areas, we devised a structure that included a recommendation to implement the Call Tracking tool, WhatConverts. This tool enables precise tracking of leads originating from our campaigns.

Integrating the WhatConverts initiative significantly contributed to the client’s success and benefited our ability to support and reach their goals. With enhanced tracking capabilities, we were able to allocate more budget and increase traffic volumes in the campaign responsible for generating the majority of phone calls, consequently driving higher phone sales.

2. We actively assist developers in creating product feeds and employ the Product Feed Management Tool – DataFeedWatch – for strategic management of our extensive product catalog. Our primary objective was to effectively categorize the feed, with a focus on promoting the highest-selling products.

Additionally, we incorporated shipping and returns information for each product into the Merchant Center. This proactive step enabled us to participate in the ‘Free and Fast Shipping’ program, providing us with a competitive edge in the shopping domain and subsequently boosting our sales performance.

3. In the off-peak season, we implemented a distinct account structure by categorizing States based on performance, acknowledging the influence of seasonality. We allocated a majority of the budget to Warmer States with better climates, while maintaining a conservative budget for Colder States to sustain their presence and gather valuable data.

Unveiling PPC Geo-Analysis Advanced Strategy

Would you like to know more about this advanced strategy?
Watch the video interview with our Managing Director, Micky Mereu.

4. To overcome the challenge of the call center being closed on weekends, we implemented weekend-specific seasonality bid adjustments in Google. This strategic move allowed us to reduce spending during weekends, aligning with lower sales activity during that period, and ultimately enhancing overall campaign efficiency.


We have successfully elevated website traffic and expanded our budget allocation for more profitable e-commerce and phone sales campaigns. The implementation of WhatConverts has provided us with valuable insights and allowed us to optimize our investment strategies
We have had some notable accomplishments, including a remarkable 6% increase in transactions and a 5% rise in revenue compared to the previous year, hitting $18M in Revenue from Paid Media campaigns. This equates to an additional 1,000 transactions and nearly half a million dollars in additional revenue while maintaining a high and steady Return on Ad Spend.

Through our Google and Bing Ads efforts, we have generated more than 5,000 phone leads in a couple of months, accounting for a significant portion (60.5%) of the total phone leads received by our client.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Product Feed Management, Search, Display, Retargeting, and Shopping Ads, WhatConverts Management.

“In every transition with a new marketing director, their initial inclination was to hold the Pay-per-Click Agency accountable if any of our goals weren't met. However, I've always been a steadfast advocate for the agency. Over our 3-year partnership, they have consistently demonstrated exceptional performance and have always met and exceeded their objectives”

Robert V. – Head of Sales

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