Case Study

Fintech Startup App Case Study

How we managed to decrease the cost per account creation by 36% in just three months for a fintech company.

About The Client

PYYPL Is a fintech APP in the International market that allows everyone around the globe to use their money safer, faster, and smarter than cash. They are based in the UAE, and they operate in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.


The competition in this field is extremely high. The client needed an international PPC Agency to achieve the goal of reinforcing their market share in UAE and expanding their client base in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia while achieving a sustainable cost per conversion, targeting both English and Russian speaking leads.

The client also needed to increase the number of downloads coming from Apple Search Ads with a lower Cost per Download.


In order to make the Google Ads automated bidding strategies work at their best, we first set the conversion goals settings properly, focusing on the successful account creation on the PYYPL app. Then we started building a campaign targeting all the destinations where the card could send money, with 70 ad groups, one for each destination, and we optimized it by analyzing and removing the user search terms that were wasting money. Then we proceeded to create campaigns with Russian keywords and ad copies to catch potential leads who were looking for a Debit Card in Russian.

Once we targeted all the destinations, we started scaling the account by creating a campaign for every service the virtual card could be used for (streaming, paying delivery, etc.) and for every unique selling proposition of the service (no minimum salary required, no ID required, etc.).

To increase the number of downloads coming from Apple Search Ads, we started by analyzing the already existing campaigns and cutting the inefficiencies, then we proceeded to create search campaigns targeting the keywords people use to look for a virtual debit card and after that, we also built competitor campaigns targeting keywords related to competitors’ apps.


With a proper setup of the conversion goals in Google Ads and the new campaign structure, in just three months, we saw a decrease in cost per conversion by 36% and a fantastic +184% increase in account creation in the app from Google Search ads campaigns.

PS. During our management, they raised a $20 million Series B round!

On Apple Search Ads, we were able to decrease the cost per download by 35% already during the first month of management, going from $1.44 to $0.94 per download.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Search, Dynamic Search Ads, Apple Search Ads

WEB ANALYTICS: Google Data Studio dashboard.

We hired Midsummer to support our Google PPC Advertising and Apple Search Advertising initiatives in the UAE market, with the goal of increasing the number of new customers while hitting the target cost per acquisition. Their Google Ads knowledge and data-centric approach are impressive. They find new opportunities to scale performance.


Gianluca V. – Head of Digital Growth

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