Case Study

Email Marketing and PPC Campaigns for Kickstarter Product Launch Case Study

How we built and nurtured an email list from scratch to support the Kickstarter launch of Joynery 24, achieving impressive engagement rates

About The Client

Joynery is an innovative product design brand known for creating unique, functional items. Their latest creation, the Joynery 24 Clock, blends aesthetic appeal with practical use. With a passion for craftsmanship, Joynery aims to redefine everyday items through exceptional design and meticulous attention to detail.


Joynery sought a partner to support their digital and email marketing efforts for the launch of Joynery 24, a uniquely designed clock set to debut on Kickstarter, the renowned crowdfunding platform.


Joynery’s digital marketing efforts began from scratch, requiring comprehensive support for all acquisition phases:

1. Building an email marketing list from the ground up through Meta and Google ads, landing pages design and form signups.

2. Nurturing leads during the pre-launch phase with a meticulously planned email marketing calendar.

3. Enhancing communications on launch day and in the subsequent days to increase the number and value of backers.


Within three weeks, we generated a list of 500 subscribers and nurtured them with six email campaigns. The open rates were impressive, ranging between 30% and 60%, resulting in 63 backers. Unfortunately, the overall campaign was not successful due to product and logistics issues. 


PPC MANAGEMENT: Google Ads, Meta Ads.

EMAIL MARKETING: Strategy, List Building, Email Design, Content Creation.

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