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Boosted ROAS On Microsoft Ads For Ecommerce Case Study

How Microsoft Ads Revolutionized Williams Food Equipment's Strategy and Led to a Record ROI

About The Client

Williams Food Equipment, a Canadian retailer, specializes in premium kitchenware and appliances, with a $50K+ ad spend on Google and Microsoft. Serving customers since 1968, they offer 14K+ products for both home cooks and professional chefs. Their eCommerce is run on BigCommerce.


With an extensive catalog of more than 14,000 items, the client faced the challenge of making campaigns profitable, with the added complexity of products aimed at both commercial and non-commercial audiences, each having different buying behavior. This distinction meant that a single marketing strategy would not have been effective for all customers.

We also identified that Enhanced conversions on Google Ads weren’t working properly, which was blocking more powerful bidding possibilities.

There were major optimization opportunities for both Google Ads and Microsoft Ads. The goal? Achieving a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 5.


Recognizing the varied buying behavior, we segmented the audience based on their interests—home cooks vs. professional chefs. Tailored campaigns and ad creatives were designed to address the unique needs of each segment.

We restructured the Microsoft ads account, adding important missing campaign types, such as Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) that performed excellently. We rethought the shopping campaigns, using a different approach based on where in the funnel the users were (low, medium, and high buying intent, segmented by commercial and non-commercial products).

Another crucial part of our strategy was focused on boosting the feed health. Using Data Feed Watch, we meticulously optimized product listings, including but not limited to color mapping, fixing shipping mismatches, and adding missing GTINs and descriptions, ensuring each product showcased was primed for maximum performance. This rigorous optimization led to a dramatic decrease in disapproved products, dropping from 1162 (or 11% of listings) to 23 (significantly less than 0.5%).

Our proactive approach remained constant. Campaigns underwent continuous monitoring and were adjusted based on real-time performance data to guarantee optimum outcomes.

To set up enhanced conversions on Google Ads, we provided the code and indications to the development team so that they could make the necessary changes to the thank you page. This in turn enabled us to set up enhanced conversions through Google Tag Manager.


Our strategy on Microsoft Ads yielded tangible results. With a 42% increment in ad spend, we channeled our resources to capture the attention of potential buyers. It wasn’t just an expense; it was a calculated investment.

The payoff? A staggering 398% uptick in Microsoft Ads Transactions. This meant more sales and a larger community of satisfied customers finding what they needed.

The upward trajectory of our revenue has been consistent, showing a substantial 390% increase due to both increased sales and growing customer trust in Williams Food Equipment’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Achieving a ROAS of $5.85 and growth of 243.89% since we started managing the account, reaffirmed our strategy’s effectiveness. It underscored the importance of investing in advertising and doing so efficiently.

All the issues with enhanced conversions were resolved, resulting in more accurate conversion measurement and more powerful bidding.

To summarize, our campaign’s metrics weren’t just about numbers. They illustrated a successful partnership, precise targeting, and a deepening relationship between our client and its expanding customer base.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Microsoft Advertising, Google Ads, Performance Max,Google Shopping, Product Feed Management, Search, Display, Retargeting.

WEB ANALYTICS: Google Ads Enhanced Conversion Tracking.

“With the help of Midsummer Agency, we continuously exceed our monthly targets. The team's profound commitment to understanding our brand has been impressive. Midsummer has demonstrated an ability to tailor strategies that align with our unique identity. Over the years, we’ve been with a number of PPC agencies, but they are the first to truly show investment in our growth.”

Anonymous – Executive, Williams Food Equipment

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