Case Study

B2B and B2C Haircare eCommerce Case Study

How we increased the Average Order Value by 82% in just 5 months, managing B2B and B2C eCommerce and supporting the client’s expansion for a haircare brand.

About The Client

The client is a US-based haircare brand that used to sell one product in various sizes in B2C and B2B markets through a unique Shopify eCommerce. After expanding their product portfolio, they split the eCommerce into two in order to serve the markets separately.


The client needed to separate the business lines and manage both B2C and B2B eCommerce activities within a unique Google Ads account. At the same time, the client wanted to avoid a potential decay in the lower funnel due to this unified management.

For this reason, the main goal was to prevent a decline in performance after the launch of the B2B website and support the client’s expansion


In order to reach the client’s goal, here it is what we implemented:

1) We created two different conversion goals on Google Ads, differentiating the purchases coming from the B2B campaigns with the aim of understanding the Revenue and Traffic pay-per-click shares of each eCommerce;

2) To get the cleanest insights possible regarding Revenue and Traffic for the B2B side, we created a brand-new Google Analytics account only for the new eCommerce. In there, we created new B2B audiences to use in remarketing activities targeting salon owners and hairdressers;

3) We launched new B2B campaigns, separating them from the ones addressed to final consumers and targeting a different audience.


In order to correctly support the client’s expansion, we kept the B2C and B2B eCommerce management in one account as requested, improving the overall performance: in particular, the Average Order Value (AOV) grew by 82% compared to the previous period.

Adopting this strategy, we maximized the brand awareness in the US market as well as let the client make informed decisions thanks to the split of the 2 Analytics accounts, allowing it to observe the results separately.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Google Shopping, Microsoft Ads, Product Feed Management, Search, Display, Performance Max, Retargeting

The Midsummer team has always worked in synergy with our marketing department since the beginning of our partnership, reaching the goals set for the period. Since we split the 2 eCommerce, they helped us through the process thanks to their great expertise, supporting the brand expansion. We are very happy with the results achieved!

Erika – eCommerce Marketing Manager

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