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Research & Data Collection

Gather insights on user behavior and website performance. Analyze metrics, understand demographics, and set clear KPIs to pinpoint areas needing attention.

Identify Conversion Obstacles

Determine which funnel stages or elements hinder conversions. Use segmented analysis, heat maps, and journey mapping to find conversion roadblocks.

Hypothesize Solutions

Develop theories to address conversion barriers. Brainstorm, review industry standards, and prioritize solutions based on potential impact.

Design & Test Variations

Create alternatives for problematic areas. Design A/B tests, gather user feedback, and use optimization tools to implement tests.

Analyze Test Results

Review test outcomes to gauge impact on KPIs. Check for statistical significance, understand broader effects, and document findings.

Implement & Scale

Deploy successful variations site-wide. Monitor post-implementation effects and apply winning strategies across other areas.

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Ready to transform your
Conversion Rates like never before?

With Midsummer Agency’s help, we hit the highest e-commerce revenue in the last quarter, with a dramatic +100% compared to the previous period. The team was a pleasure to work with. Their communicative and strategic nature allowed us to integrate seamlessly within our in-house team. Their experience in the industry was outstanding.

Lorenzo S. – eCommerce Manager SEASE men’s luxury fashion brand

Turning Clicks into Conquests

At Midsummer, we’re not just about metrics; we’re about monumental transformations. With a proven track record, our conversion optimization strategies have been the secret weapon behind countless businesses scaling new heights.

Our bespoke solutions and expert insights have empowered a multitude of clients to supercharge their performance. From fledgling startups to established market leaders, our touch has translated into tangible growth, making us the silent catalyst behind many success stories.

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Empowerment Through Data

Transcend traditional measurement. Harness our advanced data infrastructure to spotlight the impact of your efforts, guide precise decisions, and focus on metrics that matter.

Beyond Surface-Level Experiments

Venture beyond the trivial. We delve into strategic experiments designed for pivotal decision-making and insightful learning – say goodbye to inconsequential tests like button color tweaks.

Blueprint for Brilliance

Discover the potential within. Through our experimentation maturity audit, we gauge your innate strengths and draft a meticulous roadmap to amplify your experimentation acumen.

Enhance Your Team’s Prowess

Unlock next-level capabilities with Midsummer’s knowledge. Dive deep into user psychology, experimentation statistics, and more to propel your team to the forefront of innovation.

Your Dedicated Dream Team

When you collaborate with us, you’re not just getting a team; you’re gaining partners invested in your vision, dedicated to turning every click into meaningful engagement.

Ready to transform your
Conversion Rates like never before?