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Travel & Tourism Google Ads Case Study

How Strategic Marketing Initiatives Transformed the Boat and Berth Bookings for a Leading Travel Marketplace

About The Client

Marinanow offers users a seamless online platform to book from a vast selection of over 10,000 boats and berths across 1,300 breathtaking destinations in the Mediterranean Sea. Their commitment to providing exceptional booking experiences sets them apart in the travel marketplace industry.


Marinanow approached us with a clear objective: to expand their sales globally. They sought our expertise to drive business growth, enhance international brand visibility, and generate more bookings in strategic locations. Our challenge was to deliver effective marketing solutions that would attract a wider audience and increase conversions.


To meet the challenge head-on, we meticulously devised a hyper-granular set of campaigns tailored to promote each of the 300 destinations worldwide across four languages. Leveraging our expertise, we created optimized targeted ads with over 8,000 keywords. To monitor and analyze performance precisely, we seamlessly integrated a custom Google Analytics tracking solution through Google Tag Manager. Additionally, we developed a customized Google Data Studio performance dashboard for real-time insights.


The results surpassed expectations. During the peak season, Marinanow experienced an extraordinary 57% growth in overall US traffic compared to the previous year. This surge in website visitors translated into an impressive 58% increase in online bookings from strategic locations. The success of our strategic marketing initiatives propelled the brand to new heights.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Leveraging the power of Google Ads search, display, and retargeting campaigns to maximize reach and generate targeted traffic.
WEB ANALYTICS: Crafting a comprehensive business analytics strategy, implementing a robust measurement plan, optimizing Google Tag Manager (GTM) integration, and creating a custom Google Data Studio dashboard for actionable insights.

We are delighted with the results. Again, this year, Midsummer has been a great help for us. The team supported us in reaching our business goals, going far beyond expectations.

Paolo – Co-Founder

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