Case Study

Products with Missing GTINs Case Study

How we managed to generate 52K extra revenue with 490 sales from just 42 products in 3 months for a liquor eCommerce brand.

About The Client

The client is a large Liquor eCommerce brand using Shopify Plus, investing $100k monthly in Google ads. Based in the US and with 10 physical stores, it has over 40 years of experience.


The client had more than 5K physical products as a liquor store, meaning there was enough room to explore the Google Shopping service.

However, due to the nature of the product, we had to be careful as they could get limited or disapproved easily.

In addition, most products needed to include missing important fields, such as GTIN (Global Trade International Number). To make things a little spicier, the client didn’t have access to Google Analytics and with no chance to recover it.


We prioritized the feed’s health, reaching 100% of the products eligible to be advertised using DataFeedWatch. But then we needed those missing fields to take the best performance out of each product.

So we’ve put all our efforts into searching the web and finding all the relevant Info that was necessary to achieve our goal. We tried different tools and methods to get the lacking GTINs and double-checked them to ensure they corresponded to the correct item.

Lastly, we added them to the feed, accomplishing all the requirements. But of course, we needed to collect and track data properly. To do so, we’ve set up Google Analytics 4 through a Shopify Plus app to have things under control.


In just 3 months, we’ve been able to boost performance from those products that were not showing or not showing as much as they could. We got +437% Impressions and +539% Clicks, achieving 52.3K extra revenue with 490 more conversions and an average ROAS of 2.60, decreasing the average cost per click by 25%.

Needless to say, the importance of having Google Analytics working correctly.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Shopping, Product Feed Management

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