Pest Control Service Lead generation Case Study


How we boosted by 300% the deals closed for a Pest Control Company via Google Ads lead generation


ZCT – Zucchet is a pest control service provider company serving the Metropolitan City area of Rome and Latina. This family business is renowned for innovative treatments and experience during almost three decades of activities. Their clients are private and businesses, so the locations in which they operate are quite diverse, such as hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, cafè, shops, and houses. Also, the services provided include several pests fairly wide: termites, rats, mosquitos, flies, bees, roaches, pigeons, crickets, centipedes, earwigs, sow bugs, and many more unfriendly bugs.


The primary goal for ZCT was to scale the volume and the quality of users nurturing the lead generation infrastructure: incoming calls and contact forms via the website. The secondary goal was to establish a tracking system to retrieve the data about the category of services requested and provide an actionable output to support a flexible budget allocation process based on client operational needs.


Given the wide range of treatments and interventions offered, we conducted a preliminary analysis of competitors and services to enlighten the best opportunity where to tackle the market. Afterward, we set up granular service-focused Google Ads campaigns driving traffic to specific landing pages designed for maximizing the conversion rate of the client’s preferred contact channel: direct calls.

In addition, we set up a Google local service account, eligible only for certain types of businesses, such as pest control service providers. This advertising channel is especially effective for local businesses that get contacts through direct calls.

For the secondary goal, we execute a custom implementation of Google Analytics 4 via Google Tag Manager, the latest version of the most used website analytics tool. It was the perfect fit to collect more powerful audiences for ad campaigns and to organize the user’s demand in categories of interventions based on specific tracking events. Aimed to enhance data visualization and reporting for the client, we built a custom dashboard integrating website analytics data and customer center call statistics.


The primary goal was achieved with an increase of +300% in Conversions, from leads generated to contracts closed. The Conversion Rate increased by +105%, with a Cost-Per-Acquisition lower by -77%. During peak times, the call center struggled to pick up all the incoming calls. The local service ads further increased the volume of leads generated at a CPA 5 times lower than other placements, also generating positive reviews by customers.

For the secondary goal, we provided the client with a simple layout dashboard reporting the level of demand segmented by services and relative budget investment in Google Ads. The actionable data improved the overall decision-making process; the client was able to prioritize the interventions and increase the profitability, allocate the budget according to seasonality and level of demands and improve the operational activities of the staff.


WEB ANALYTICS: Google tag manager implementation, Google Analytics 4 setup, Google Data Studio dashboard

All the guys we spoke to, are prepared, understanding of our needs, and willing to improve performances. Their organization is light, smart, and rational. No wasted time, straight to the goal.

Mattia D. – CEO

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