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LinkedIn Ads & HubSpot CRM B2B Lead Generation Case Study – Sculpteo

How we leveraged LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, and Hubspot CRM to generate 145% more leads at lower CPA, and measure customer lifetime value

About The Client

Sculpteo, a brand of BASF, is a global online 3D printing service that empowers customers with new manufacturing and scaling opportunities.


Tapping into new manufacturing opportunities with LinkedIn Ads and Hubspot CRM.

Sculpteo aimed to tap into new manufacturing possibilities for demanding industries, such as automotive, by offering free physical sample kits. Their primary goal was to connect with decision-makers in select industries through LinkedIn, targeting top European countries. However, they faced challenges, including high cost-per-click (CPC), low conversion rates (CVR), and a complex sales cycle that required multiple interactions and several months from sign-up to purchase.

Additionally, Sculpteo sought to gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of their PPC campaigns on their business, considering the length and complexity of the sales cycle.


Targeted campaigns and Hubspot integration for optimal B2B lead generation.

To address the primary goal, we initiated testing of an ad that targeted multiple industries without heavily emphasizing the main offer. Later, we developed granular industry-focused campaigns highlighting the free sample kit as the main offer. Our careful suggestions helped shape highly effective landing pages.

For the secondary goal, we initially relied on Google Analytics. However, due to the complex user journey and limitations of the conversion attribution model, we were missing out on a significant number of conversions, particularly repeated purchases. As a solution, we integrated Hubspot CRM into the system. This integration allowed us to track users’ website journeys, attribute conversions more accurately, and gain a comprehensive understanding of new customers’ value and the overall impact of PPC campaigns on business growth.


Impressive 145% increase in lead volumes and 72% reduction in CPA.

Our efforts yielded exceptional results, increasing lead volumes by an impressive 145% while reducing the CPA by an outstanding 72%. The remarkable success can be attributed to a combination of targeted audience segmentation, custom industry-related ad messaging, compelling calls to action, and optimized landing pages. These strategies delivered significant outcomes within the very first week.

The integration of Hubspot CRM empowered us to make data-driven decisions on our campaigns. Furthermore, we developed a customized real-time interactive dashboard that visually presents every order generated by customers from Google Ads campaigns. This dashboard provides crucial insights into revenue and customer lifetime value (LTV).


Comprehensive PPC management and web Analytics support.

Our services encompass the following areas:

PPC MANAGEMENT: LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads

WEB ANALYTICS: Hubspot integration support

By leveraging our PPC management and web analytics expertise, we helped Sculpteo achieve outstanding results in lead generation, customer acquisition, and data-driven decision-making.

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Midsummer Agency, we have differentiated ourselves from other competitors and brought in new leads from LinkedIn for our sales division. The team’s workflow has also been very efficient, ensuring all project timelines are followed.


Carmel – Sculpteo Head of Marketing

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