Case Study

Driving Global Agile Course Sales Case Study

How we maximized Conversions in a competitive educational market

About The Client

Our client is a leading provider of educational software solutions tailored for organizations and associations, with a focus on E-Learning, Member, and Event Management.
They specialize in harnessing the power of digital transformation to drive success, offering robust Learning Management Systems, Continuing Education Solutions, and advanced member management systems. Their platform is designed to support comprehensive online classes, integrating features such as social media integration, live streaming, multimedia content, progress tracking, and e-commerce functionalities, ensuring an engaging and effective learning experience.


Our client, Vocalmeet, approached us with the goal of enhancing the international sales of their Agile course, targeting both individuals and businesses.

Faced with the challenge of not having a structured conversion funnel, the initial effort was to validate a viable strategy aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of paid campaigns on Google and Bing. This task was particularly daunting in a market characterized by fierce competition and high costs-per-click.

Initially, we observed that the traffic was not converting at an optimal rate, and the marketing investment was not yielding profitable returns, partly due to the highly competitive pricing of the course.


We promptly embarked on identifying the most effective keywords to optimize our results. However, it soon became apparent that more comprehensive optimizations were necessary to enhance the cost per conversion.

Our strategy involved extensive A/B testing of ad copy to pre-qualify traffic, targeting potential customers interested in a course of a specific price and modality.

We also tailored our targeting to different devices, audiences, and countries, and initiated remarketing campaigns on search and display networks, carefully selecting the most effective placements.

Utilizing Microsoft Clarity for website analysis and drawing insights from competitor websites, we recommended strategic changes to improve user experience (UX) and conversion rate (CVR). Our team also provided support during the data analysis phase and in validating hypotheses.


Originally, we faced the challenge of low conversion rates and an excessively high cost per conversion (CPA). However, within a span of just five months, we achieved a remarkable turnaround, boosting conversions by 275% and reducing the CPA by 54%. This strategic shift led to a significant increase in the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS).


PPC MANAGEMENT: Google Ads, Bing ads, CRO analysis

CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATIONQuantitative Analysis, UX Analysis

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