Case Study

Full-funnel Digital Strategy for eCommerce

How we doubled sales at improved ROAS for a digital products eCommerce store with Google Ads and Facebook Ads (now Meta Ads).

About The Client

VisureItalia is one of the leading Italian eCommerce in the digital governmental certificates industry. Some products need a special review from the Office (higher price, lower margin). Others can be bought directly from the website (higher margin, lower price).


When it comes to digital products, Google Shopping is not an option. Performance was stagnant. Even if the account was at a decent level of sales, no initiatives were taken to scale performance and grow revenue at a similar return on ad spend (ROAS).

VisureItalia also needed a strategy to acquire new customers and retain the existing ones. They already had a strategy on Google Ads, but ongoing brand awareness in different channels could have ramped up customer loyalty. The question was: how can we create interest and awareness around digital governmental certificate products?


The existing search campaign structure was divided into thematic areas, including products with different delivery times and prices within the same campaign. We replaced the overall search campaign with a more advanced structure made of Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) using page feeds. We segmented products by price range and dynamically highlighted key product features and benefits, such as delivery times and prices in the ad copy, using the third-party tool DataFeedWatch.

This allowed us to fully open the acquisition strategy on Google Ads to all products, divided by price range, and to have better control of costs and, consequently, the ROAS. We opened a Meta Ads (Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads) account and set up remarketing audiences from scratch, using data from 7 up to 180 days of VisureItalia past users (purchasers, customer lists, website visitors, etc.). From these lists, we then generated lookalike audiences of similar users. In this way, we created two strategies: one for the acquisition and one for re-engaging past website users. Campaigns had personalized ads and copy, depending on the user’s step in the funnel.


In the first 3 months after the new account structure was implemented, the ROAS grew by 69%. The DSA campaign has helped us to increase the website traffic by 47% at an 18% lower cost-per-click while generating a higher number of conversions at a 20% higher average order value. The positive trend is continuing, reaching an average ROAS of 400% (the goal was set at 300%) and an increased in Ads’ investments, which has triplicated in only two years. Since the opening of paid social channels, we have also gained more qualified traffic: +34% of new users and +35% of total sessions. Revenue has grown by 9% from the previous period.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Product Feed Management, Search, Display, Retargeting, Microsoft Ads, Facebook Ads

WEB ANALYTICS: Google Data Studio dashboard, Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager

Midsummer quality of the work is not good but EXCELLENT. I have found great expertise and experience gained in international contexts which, made available to our company, has allowed us to achieve results that are far above to our expectations.

Paolo B. – Owner

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