Conversion Rate Optimization Audit Case Study


How we increased CogX Festival’s conversion rates through a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) audit, providing actionable insights and recommendations.


CogX, a prominent London-based organization, annually hosts an AI and Transformational Tech Festival, attracting over 90,000 attendees to the London O2 Arena. They manage their web content using the Wix platform.


CogX faced a significant challenge: their website was underperforming in terms of conversions, resulting in low ticket sales and high Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) in PPC campaigns. Their objective was to enhance conversion rates, which were below par at the time. To address this, they sought an expert with a deep understanding of the factors influencing on-site user-behavior and CRO. Due to the urgency of the issue and the rapidly approaching event date, there was no time for a behavioral analysis or A/B testing.


In order to provide the client with actionable steps for immediate improvement, we proposed conducting a CRO Audit aimed at delivering actionable recommendations.

Our initial focus was on pinpointing the crucial pages of the website: the homepage, specific landing and summit pages, registration pages, the pricing and ticket pages, and the checkout pages. Subsequently, we matched these pages with their GA4 data to make sure we included the pages that received most traffic. We also analyzed bottlenecks and other issues by looking at bounce rates, average time on site, and more.

Once we identified all the most important pages, we started analyzing the website based on established design principles, best practices, user psychology and our expert review. We bucketed our findings under 4 main categories: navigation issues, UX issues, page layout issues, and other critical issues.

This resulted in a list of issues, which we translated into clear and actionable optimization recommendations.


Within one week’s time, we provided the client with a clear presentation of 25 slides, including the top 10 most urgent optimization recommendations.

For example, the Ticket Overview Page was incredibly hard to understand. The ticket page displayed 6 tickets, and each ticket displayed over 30 informational bullet points. These features were generic and didn’t include information that explained what they meant (e.g. a feature could be “Gold Lounge Access”, but nowhere on the site could a user find information on what the Gold Lounge actually was). We provided specific examples on how to fix these issues to make the ticket page easy to navigate.

The client fixed all presented issues within one month, and ticket sales started rolling in.

Above the fold of the home page alone there were 5 CTAs: two in the navigation bar, 3 in the above the fold image. All 5 CTAs focused on different actions: a generic contact form, 2 different CTAs for businesses, and 2 different CTAs for ticket sales. The objective of the home page, however, was singular–get users to buy a ticket for the festival. We translated this issue into an actionable recommendation.


CONVERSION RATE OPTIMIZATION: Quantitative Analysis, Design Principle Analysis, UX Analysis, Neuromarketing Psychology.



100% increase in conversion rate for a fashion eCommerce.

3599% increase in conversion rate for a fashion eCommerce.