Case Study

B2B e-Commerce Digital Marketing Strategy Case Study

How we implemented Google Analytics 4 and increased sales by 20% for a B2B eCommerce advertising on Google Ads.

About The Client

Equipvan is a leading provider of fitting solutions for utility vehicles. Their racking solutions are compatible with commercial vehicles in Europe and globally. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Equipvan has established strong partnerships with resellers and operates through Woocommerce and WordPress platforms, catering exclusively to B2B customers in France.


The client faced the challenge of migrating from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 while ensuring seamless e-commerce tracking and lead form tracking. Additionally, they required ongoing management of Google Performance Max and search campaigns to drive optimal results.


To address these challenges, we implemented Google Tag Manager for efficient deployment of Google Analytics tags, variables, and custom implementations. This allowed for comprehensive tracking of key actions such as purchases, form submissions, click-to-call, and add-to-carts. Performance max campaigns were strategically segmented based on product categories and price range to maximize sales on high-profit items and generate increased website inquiries.


Thanks to the campaign segmentation and optimizations, their YoY revenue increased by 20%, with a 48% increase in form submissions, ultimately resulting in a significant boost of 23% in offline sales. By successfully implementing Google Analytics 4, the client now has accurate data collection to support data-driven decision-making and increase their digital marketing strategy efficiency.


PPC MANAGEMENT: Search, Performance Max, Retargeting.
WEB ANALYTICS: Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio dashboard.

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